Overview of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Our parent company, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, is a research-based global pharmaceutical company and the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan. It has what is arguably the most impressive track record of endurance in the industry, having been established in 1781 – making Takeda almost as old as the United States.

Takeda President Yasuchika Hasegawa
Yasuchicka Hasegawa
Chairman and CEO
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Takeda strives to achieve better health for people through progress in medicine made possible by developing superior pharmaceutical products. Takeda medicines are marketed in approximately 90 countries worldwide.

Mission of Takeda

We pledge tenacious application of all our resources, both fiscal and intellectual, to help create not only today's progress in medicine but tomorrow's innovation to improve health and well being for future generations of our global community. We will:

  • Develop superior pharmaceutical products that create progress against disease and bring better health to people worldwide
  • Work as partners with the research-based medical profession and patient advocacy community to better achieve our shared goal of enhancing the lives and health of individuals
  • Strive to earn the trust of our professional and patient communities by being honest and forthright partners who routinely demonstrate top-quality service and transparency in our business policies and practices

Takeda is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, which provides a framework for the global business community to align their operations with principles of human rights, fair labor standards, environmental protection, and elimination of corruption.


There is a deeply held management philosophy throughout the company called "Takeda-ism." It forms the basis of the firm's business. The people share many Core Values with Millennium, making a very comfortable fit for us as "Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company."

Takeda-ism image

The Takeda Group pledges to act with integrity at all times, especially when facing difficulties or challenges. "Integrity" refers to compliance with the highest ethical standards, fairness and honesty in conducting every activity and perseverance in pursuing ideal forms for our operations and management through the demonstration of these qualities:

  • COMMITMENT to building trust and confidence in all people
  • DETERMINATION to continue to expand the business
  • EMPOWER to progress in global endeavors to fulfill our mission