A significant part of our success has been the culture of our company. It allows each of us to make a difference and have a voice. We're passionate about our work because we care about progress, each other and the patients we seek to help. As a result, our culture is a blend of intensity and caring.

We don't just focus on our business plan. We also focus on what it feels like to work here. We like an informal, non-bureaucratic environment where there is easy and significant interaction with senior leadership, and where disruptive ideas with merit are entertained rather than pushed aside in deference to the status quo.

We especially celebrate diversity in people, but also in ideas, work style and even our approach to the challenges for which we create solutions. Diversity is a significant and valued asset, and as such it is carefully cultivated and protected within our company.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

We are entrepreneurs at heart who don't shy away from well-calculated risks that promise important progress – or the hard work it takes to see them through. We want to enjoy day-to-day life at our company. That means we want to know that with skill and hard work, we can make a real difference here – and that we'll be supported in our efforts and recognized when we make that difference.

We thrive in an environment that is not burdened with excessive layers of decision-making, allowing us to rally quickly to marketplace challenges and opportunities. And in all our work, we keep our integrity at the center of our actions. Operating ethically is as important as delivering progress to the oncology community.

We Like to Have Fun

At Millennium, fun and work are not mutually exclusive concepts. Instead, they go hand-in-hand. We are slightly irreverent and try not to take ourselves too seriously, which allows us to put our energy into what is important.