The foundation of our business development strategy is the desire to bring innovative, life-enhancing therapies to cancer patients – independent of their origin.

Since our founding as a genomics-based start-up in 1993, we have entered into more than twenty major partnerships that encompass in- and out-licensing, collaborative research, co-development, and co-promotion agreements.

We bring significant strengths and experience as a partner; our fundamental perspective as a biotech company and our bold entrepreneurial drive are complemented by the attainable resources of a global pharmaceutical company.

Millennium has a proven track record in oncology development. Our recent acquisition by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Japan's largest pharmaceutical company and a global force in the industry, significantly enhances our already strong model of advancing science through partnership.

Takeda's acquisition provides Millennium with an augmented oncology research network, a global presence, and significant resources that our partners will value as an asset throughout any collaboration.

Partnerships and collaborations have been integral to Millennium's growth. Our history proves it and our forward vision demands it.

Areas of Collaboration

At Millennium, we have a particular interest in paradigm-shifting science that fundamentally changes the way the oncology community approaches the treatment of cancer. We welcome opportunities to collaborate on discoveries in the following areas:

  • Indications of Interest: We are solely interested in new indications for oncology, oncology-hematology, and hematology.
  • Stage of Development: We primarily are focused on clinical stage first-in-class or best-in-class molecules, although we will consider breakthrough science in the preclinical stage.
  • Mechanisms of Interest: We are pursuing a variety of mechanisms, but have a particularly strong interest in protein homeostasis.
  • Commercial relationship: We primarily are focused on global partnerships. For marketed or near-marketed products, we will consider commercialization partnerships that are limited to Japan given Takeda's preeminent position and ability to maximize commercial value of products in the Japanese market.

We are open to different collaboration structures and always seek to address both our own and our partners' strategic needs.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please make your initial inquiries by clicking on the link below and then selecting one of our BD professionals.


The study of genetic material in the chromosomes of a particular organism and its activity.